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Submission permanent link 737738ffbfe038839102c4d5dea06b0d90032125 (Received 2012-03-19 13:04:43, http://dentico-net.pl/contrebg5.html )

dentico-net.pl/contrebg5.html saved 84 bytes 574f1a9aa4e9c172dcead52823cd74e1a7c07fc8

ashimdi.ru/ status: (referer=dentico-net.pl/contrebg5.html)failure: <urlopen error timed out>

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dentico-net.pl/contrebg5.html benign
[nothing detected] dentico-net.pl/contrebg5.html
     status: (referer=www.google.com/trends/hottrends)saved 84 bytes 574f1a9aa4e9c172dcead52823cd74e1a7c07fc8
     info: [meta refresh] URL=ashimdi.ru/
     info: [0] no JavaScript
     file: 574f1a9aa4e9c172dcead52823cd74e1a7c07fc8: 84 bytes

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574f/1a9aa4e9c172dcead52823cd74e1a7c07fc8 from dentico-net.pl/contrebg5.html (84 bytes, 4 hidden) download