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Submission permanent link cdba7eba6a0bf44d266a10e406c596539df81819 (Received 2017-09-13 14:50:43, Edward A. Scheinerman-Mathematics_ A Discrete Introduction-Cengage Learning (2012).pdf )


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     info: [decodingLevel=0] JavaScript in PDF 154641 bytes, with 59683 bytes headers
     info: [decodingLevel=1] found JavaScript
     suspicious: maxruntime exceeded 10 seconds (incomplete) 0 bytes
     file: e97851ab42bcb46ae26249abd881654303833d31: 7901290 bytes
     file: f6c292f3c7d14ceff8825a8c367f2e5abef3a005: 214324 bytes
     file: 61d39e83cf316205c6825a458fcf126167c7d968: 214354 bytes
     file: ca3569696215b4fba2c8bdf7ca18a689f85e041f: 214357 bytes
     file: b092a3e7ad3123b41f8cb9fb7ec7304b10ec13ed: 214357 bytes
     file: dee298698ed86e524287cbbdd69d1b09e95f0972: 214357 bytes

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e978/51ab42bcb46ae26249abd881654303833d31 from upload (7901290 bytes, 4448779 hidden) download

f6c2/92f3c7d14ceff8825a8c367f2e5abef3a005 from upload (214324 bytes, 59689 hidden) download

61d3/9e83cf316205c6825a458fcf126167c7d968 from upload (214354 bytes, 59719 hidden) download

ca35/69696215b4fba2c8bdf7ca18a689f85e041f from upload (214357 bytes, 59722 hidden) download

b092/a3e7ad3123b41f8cb9fb7ec7304b10ec13ed from upload (214357 bytes, 59722 hidden) download

dee2/98698ed86e524287cbbdd69d1b09e95f0972 from upload (214357 bytes, 59722 hidden) download