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Submission permanent link 8967b08fe1eb48d039db6f3766c43a04db6bec8b (Received 2017-08-12 13:14:25, Big_Java_Early_Objects-_6th_edition.pdf )


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suspicious: maxruntime exceeded 10 seconds (incomplete) 0 bytes
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     info: [decodingLevel=0] JavaScript in PDF 1694925 bytes, with 130626 bytes headers
     info: [decodingLevel=1] found JavaScript
     suspicious: maxruntime exceeded 10 seconds (incomplete) 0 bytes
     file: 0fdc70ecfe94244846f71ef19310a2dda200b136: 29966708 bytes
     file: 95fe900241f12203507b33489d67d66da13fb726: 1825551 bytes
     file: fa886759677b7073c206f7ea730ec32da68fc638: 1825581 bytes
     file: dfd5133eb274bdc0ce155175a541580cf09d81bb: 1825584 bytes
     file: aef9ab071da227faf0079e2092fdf41c3d669e3a: 1825584 bytes
     file: a81b326084aec543ef639254ba33c9b283a77a39: 1825584 bytes

Decoded Files
0fdc/70ecfe94244846f71ef19310a2dda200b136 from upload (29966708 bytes, 16295165 hidden) download

95fe/900241f12203507b33489d67d66da13fb726 from upload (1825551 bytes, 131527 hidden) download

fa88/6759677b7073c206f7ea730ec32da68fc638 from upload (1825581 bytes, 131557 hidden) download

dfd5/133eb274bdc0ce155175a541580cf09d81bb from upload (1825584 bytes, 131560 hidden) download

aef9/ab071da227faf0079e2092fdf41c3d669e3a from upload (1825584 bytes, 131560 hidden) download

a81b/326084aec543ef639254ba33c9b283a77a39 from upload (1825584 bytes, 131560 hidden) download